What happens now????

Life at times can bring heartache.  Facing divorce is one of the most painful transitions someone can face. On top of that, dividing your assets including the family home is often a very emotional experience. The thought of selling your home isn't something that you want but often is what is needed to move forward.   Divorce is extremely expensive and the court-appointed receivers can charge upwards of 20% of total assets leaving both parties with much less in the end.  Instead of allowing the courts to make this decision, take this opportunity to get the most out of your biggest asset, your home.

Working with a Realtor®, like myself, will ensure both individuals win.  Being committed to making sure spouses stay well informed and helping them make the best decisions that make the most sense is my utmost priority. My commitment is to listen to each spouse and understand their wishes and help find solutions to all situations that may arise. I am able to list your property for a quick sale and get the most value out of your equity so you can move forward. I also have investors that I work closely with, as well, if you need resources for upfront cash options and a quick close.


Call me and let’s talk.  I personally know the pain and struggle and have walked this road myself.  I know what this looks like on the other side and I know the importance of being stable and strong as you “start over” and move forward.  Let me help you during this time.  You will not regret it!