This HeroProgram extends to local Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Veterans. Receive a 20% rebate of my commission to be applied towards closing costs when you BUY and/or SELL your home with me!

*Subject to Lender Approval ( FHA has Federal Limitations) Other restrictions may apply.



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Collect Incentive at Closing!


Why I care. My story.

Growing up, my dad was a police officer and I saw firsthand the sacrifices he made day in and day out to provide for his family and to protect his community. Our family proudly stood beside him and we were taught to be kind and generous to all and to take great pride in what we do. 


Life has a way of circling back around and I am now married to a local hero. There are times when I am anxiously waiting for that call or text from him telling me he is safe.  I witness him coming home from a tough day in the field and his need for time to decompress and process the events of the day.  I am so proud of what he does and the sacrifices he makes not only for us but for complete strangers.

So, to you Hero, I say thank you.  Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice and for your love of people and your country.  Thank you for your long hours away from home and your family.  Thank you for missing family holiday gatherings so we can all be safe and protected. I truly appreciate what you do. You are my heroes. 

My offer is simple- I want to extend my professional service and knowledge to local Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Veterans for their housing needs and help them achieve their Dream of Home Ownership. With great humility, I am offering a 20% rebate on my real estate commission when they BUY and/or SELL their home with me*. For those out of my local area, I have a network of agents who are willing to offer the same service I will work diligently to find an agent that will honor this program. The process is simple- all a Hero needs to do is register for more information and I will contact them to get the process started. 

I pledge to go ABOVE and BEYOND to assist you.  I will work to educate you on all your options and align with lenders and vendors that will help you achieve your dream home. You can feel confident that I will work to protect your financial interests as diligently as you have devoted yourself to this community.  I would be privileged to serve you now.


Kelly Evans